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Operation And Maintenance Of Distribution Transformer

1. Overload operation of distribution transformer

Overload operation of transformers, is the load current exceeds the rated transformer current. Under normal circumstances, when in low load operation of transformers, the insulation material cannot be fully effective and continuous overload operation, transformer in temperature, winding insulation partially bake off, formationof turn to turn short circuit and transformer oil sludge, accumulate in the tank plate, on the winding and core, resulting in poor transformer oil cooling. This vicious cycle, which not only affect the transformer life, also causing breakdown and transformer burnout and other accidents. Therefore, always observe the three-phase load current. Three-phase load current to achieve consistency, if there is bias, should not exceed 10%.

2. Distribution transformer's abnormal sound

When alternating current through transformer windings, as the core of natural causes will produce normal uniform "buzzing" sound. If abnormal sound, you need tofind out why, and timely reports to the relevant authorities. When transformer no-load and load, sound is different. According to the unusual sound characteristics when compared with the previous, and find out the reasons behind the operation.

3. Transformer temperature check

Operating temperature of the transformer has a great relationship with life. Transformers to run below normal temperature 95 ℃, their life expectancy is 20 a; if up to 110 ° c run, life will be shortened to 7 a; if temperatures up to 130 ° c operation,its life will be shortened to 2 a; Runs continuously at temperatures of transformerat 170 c, d or so will be scrapped. 10 temperature than the transformer allows values to identify the cause and take countermeasures.