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10kV Distribution Transformer Economic Reliability, Energy Conservation

Transformer is an important electrical equipment in electric power system with different voltage grade, and it is also a large power consuming unit in electric system. It is of great significance to reduce the loss of distribution transformer system and improve the economic reliability of power supply of distribution network for saving energy, alleviating the shortage of power supply and promoting local economic development.

Determining the economic distribution of load among Transformers

Because the 10kV distribution transformer is usually operated by several transformers at the same time in practical application, that is, the total loss of active power and reactive energy of distribution transformers is the sum of all transformer losses in the power distribution system. From a large number of documents and practical experience, it is known that in the power supply system, the total amount of electricity load is unchanged, and the transformer operation mode is in constant condition, the distribution of load between transformers is different from the total active loss and reactive power loss of the transformer system. Therefore,10kV Distribution Transformer in the parallel operation mode of multiple transformers, it is necessary to allocate the total load of the transformer economically, so that all the transformers are running under the optimum operating conditions, so that the total active power loss and reactive energy loss of the transformer can be reduced to the lowest value of the system, thus achieving the goal of economizing on consumption

Two automatic voltage regulator

From a lot of practical work experience, when the overvoltage level of the distribution transformer reaches the rated voltage value of 5%, the internal iron loss will be increased to 15%, and when the overvoltage level of the distribution transformer reaches 10% of the rated voltage, the internal iron loss will increase sharply to more than 50% of the rated time. The value of no-load current in the transformer is also increased greatly,10kV Distribution Transformer which increases the total reactive power loss in the power supply and distribution system.

The automatic voltage regulator is a kind of automatic tracking of the input voltage value in the Power distribution system (mainly caused by the load fluctuation in the electric system) and through the internal voltage automatic adjustment to ensure the entire output stability. The automatic voltage regulator is a constant output three-phase self-coupling transformer, it can be in the supply and distribution system voltage in the 20% fluctuation range, the use of internal corresponding controller to the entire voltage dynamic adjustment to ensure that the output voltage constant,10kV Distribution Transformer so as to effectively improve the power supply and distribution system energy quality level, To ensure the efficient and stable operation of 10kV power supply and distribution system to achieve energy saving and consumption reduction.

Three-phase load balancing of power distribution transformers

When the three-phase load of the distribution transformer is in an unbalanced state, it will cause the transformer three-phase pressure difference to be too large, resulting in negative sequence voltage, resulting in voltage fluctuation of the power supply and distribution system, which affects the voltage quality and the safe and reliable operation of the power supply and distribution system. Because of the excessive load current in a certain phase winding of transformer, the copper loss of the winding is increased and the transformer loss is increased.

In the late operation and maintenance process,10kV Distribution Transformer the voltage level of power supply and distribution system is monitored by monitoring system in real time, and the unreasonable operation condition is adjusted timely. For the large capacity single-phase electrical equipment in 10kV distribution network system, special single-phase transformer should be set up and connected directly to the High-voltage network of power supply and distribution system; At the same time, the corresponding reactive power compensation and harmonic elimination devices are adopted to improve power supply and distribution system and ensure the safety and stability of 10kV distribution system and the running of energy-saving economy. Therefore,10kV Distribution Transformer it is an important technical means to reduce the operation loss of distribution transformers by adjusting the three-phase load in the distribution area so that the transformer is basically in the equilibrium operation condition.

In a word, in the actual operation and maintenance of distribution network,10kV Distribution Transformer it is necessary to combine the actual operation of the transformer, to take reasonable and effective technical measures to ensure the long-term operation of distribution transformers in the optimal condition, to effectively reduce the overall energy consumption of distribution transformers, and to realize the economic dispatch operation target of energy saving and consumption