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Switch cabinet brief introduction

Switch (switch cabinet) is an electrical device, switch cabinet outside before entering the Cabinet master switches and then into the control switch, tap set according to their needs. Instrumentation, automation, motor magnetic switch, contactor, some still have high-voltage and low-voltage switch cabinet, with high voltage bus bar,such as power stations, also has a low frequency load shedding for the main equipment.

Switchgear (switchgear) 's main role was in power systems for power generation, transmission, distribution and conversion of electric energy in the process of switching, control and protection of electrical equipment. Components in the switch cabinet mainly include circuit breakers, isolating switches, load switches, operators, transformer and other protection devices and other components. 

Switch Cabinet of classification method many, as through circuit breaker device installation way can is divided into moved open type switch cabinet and fixed type switch cabinet; or according to Cabinet body structure of different, can is divided into open type switch cabinet, and metal closed switch cabinet, and and metal closed armored loaded type switch cabinet; according to voltage grade different and can is divided into high pressure switch cabinet, in the pressure switch cabinet and low voltage switch cabinet,. Mainly applies to power plants, substations, rolling of petrochemical, metallurgy, light industry, textile, factories and residential quarters, tall buildings and different occasions.