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Power transformer maintenance

① Oil analysis-the pressure once every three years, impurities such as performance indicators, transformers or operating at full capacity for a long time may shortenthe cycle.

② Insulation resistance, high and low pressure not less than the original ex-factoryvalue of 70% (10M), the DC resistance of the winding at the same temperature, thephase difference should not be greater than the average 2%, compared with the results of previous measurements should not be greater than 2%.

③ Transformer grounding resistance measurement once every two years.

④ Black, power cleaning and inspection cycle, determined according to the surrounding environment and loading conditions, generally six months to one year;

Main content are found during an inspection cleared of defects, porcelain bushingshell cleaning, cracking or ageing of rubber pad replacement, tighten connectionpoints check, oil fill oil, respirator silicone check replacement.