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On the issue of inspection of the power transformer

Transformer substation on duty each patrol, unattended once a week, intense loadchanges, abnormal weather, and transformer overhaul after a new installation, special inspections should be increased, period uncertain.

A, Rated load current range, with or without drastic changes, the operating voltageis normal.

B, Oil level, oil color, oil temperature exceeds the permitted value, there is no oil leakage phenomenon.

C, Ceramic casing is clean and there are no cracks, damage or stains, discharge, whether the Terminal has color, contact overheating.

D, Of wet silicone is a saturated color, transformer sound is normal.

E, There air in the gas relay, filled with oil, the oil level gauge whether glass has broken, explosion-proof pipe of diaphragm is complete.

F, Shell, lightning arrester, neutral-point earthing of transformer is good, transformer oil valve is working correctly.

G, The transformer room doors and Windows, blinds, metal mesh fence and fire-fighting equipment is intact, deformation of transformer based on whether it has.