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Maintenance considerations for distribution transformer

(1) Maintenance before opening must be level before the power switch off, and flying power signs. Then electroscope check maintenance device powered off, maintenance can be carried out;

(2) Maintenance, must be two people present, maintenance, guardianship;

(3) Maintenance personnel must be a professional electrician familiar with power distribution unit;

(4) Maintenance personnel must wear protective equipment using electrical insulated tools;

(5) Replacement of electrical appliances must be consistent with the original specifications, prohibit the use of unqualified substitutes;

(6) Maintenance, may not change the power distribution unit wiring shall not be free to remove the original switch;

(7) Maintenance ends, should be separated from the power distribution unit and power side began to gradually switch power on, the electroscope confirmed after the power is switched on, then power down level test;

(8) Maintenance ends at the same time, removed the power level power switch andis suspended on signs.